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Sample Letters from Agoro

Dear Pen pal,

I greet you in Jesus name, Amen. I hope you are Okey. We from Northern Uganda, Kitgum District are suffering from war for about eighteen years and it is stilling continuing. This war is led by Joseph Koruy rebel and his commends.

What the rebels always do are as follows: killing innocent people, abducting young children, burning of houses, shooting motor cars / vehicles, etc. And as a results, people are in camps, lack of education, orphan age, people are suffering from diseases and many other problems associated with war.

And we have now started to help this children as Sunday school children by counseling them, teaching them and helping them to grow spiritually as God fearing people. We are five teachers who are helping this children.

Please, help these children and pray for us, so that God should bring peace in our land Northern Uganda.

Write back, please! God bless you all. Amen. Number of children we are helping them is about 2000.

Sunday School teacher,
Oean Geoffrey

Oean Geoffrey is a teacher in Kitgum Technical Institute, 26 years old. Please click here to see the original letter from Oean Geoffrey.

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Dear Pen pal,

Greeting to you all in Jesus name. Amen.

How are you from there? We from northen Uganda are suffering from war and it has now lasted for about eighteen years. And as a result, many people were killed, abducted, lack of education, people are in camps suffering from famine and sickness, etc. Please! Help us and pray for us so that we come out of these problems we are faced with.

Thanks you

Akane Inndcent
8 year old
I am in primary three this year and I want to make penpal with you. Please! Write back.

Anane Inndcent is in Horizon International School. Please click here to see the original letter from Anane Inndcent.

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