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Participated Schools Outside of Uganda

If you are interested in participating in the RESPECT Global Letter Exchange Program please contact Marc Schaeffer. Marc is the international coordinator at RESPECT International, who organizes and manages the entire program. Below shows a list of schools that have joined the Global Letter Exchange Program.

School City Number of letters Exchanged
Westwood Collegiate Winnipeg, Mainitoba 7
College Pierre Winnipeg, Mainitoba 1
Elliot Truce Winnipeg, Mainitoba 1
Roseau Valley High Winnipeg, Mainitoba 2
Spring Christian Academy Winnipeg, Mainitoba 1
J.H Burns Collegiate Winnipeg, Mainitoba 1
Gordon Bell High School Winnipeg, Mainitoba 1
Frances Kelsey Secondary School Mill Bay, BC 11
Sir Alexander Mackenzie Secondary School Hagensborg, BC 6
Whitmore Park Regina, Saskatchewan 24
United States
  Palm Beack, Florida 14
Whispering Pines Elementary School Boca Raton, Florida 39
Christopher Columbus High School Miami, Florida 62
Loggers Run Middle School Boca Raton, Florida 80
Elementary School California 45
Shannon Elementary School California 25
Dolphin Terrace Elementary School El Paso, Texas 12
kinawa shitake senior high school   12

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