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HIV/AIDS Support and Care Project

With the 20 years of war in northern Uganda, HIV/AIDS has left the region with long suffering and loss of lives in the community with many of the children have be come HIV/ AIDS orphans, and other are infected by the killer disease. "Without War we can fight HIV/AIDS" but with the on going war in the region it has become very impossible for the community in the region to get to know more about the epidemic. Though ratting of the infection in the country (Uganda) indicate that the infection is coming down as 4/5 % but this not very through with the situation north in the IDP camps were the war have rooted the land for 20 years.

ACDA has come to address the situation has one of the worst area of live in the community and is making negative development in the life of many community region. And the result many of HIV/AIDS victim are the poor community that have know ways of any support and they died innocently when there is ways that can support them still to live long life and happiness in the community.

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