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Develop Agoro's Livestock and Buildings

A more ambitious target than the previous 'starting' projects that ACDA are seeking funding through RESPECT. The key components of this project are: acquiring and rearing 450 female goats and obtaining 40,000 bricks, which shall be used, in part, to extend existing classrooms. Before the Kitgum region was flooded with modern and cheap weaponry in the 1980's, the effect and lethality of local tribal conflicts and raider incursions were limited. However the violence and pillaging in the past years have witnessed the virtual extinction of livestock in this area. Until their goat herds are built up once again, the community cannot be self-sufficient. Click on the links below to view the ACDA proposals for Goats and Bricks.

Brick Laying Project Proposal

Re-Stocking Female Goats Project Proposal

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