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Computers for Refugees


WHDAY Elementary School

Through the school's project - Children Connecting Children, several other schools in Canada, the U.S., England, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, the Czech Republic, India, the Netherlands, Australia, Russia and Israel have involved in the fund raising for this project. The amount raised are $1500 CDN.

Students Encouraging Global Awareness (SEGA)

Students Encouraging Global Awareness (SEGA) was started over 8 years ago at Riverside Secondary School in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. Their annual fundraiser is a 12-Hour Relay, where close to 120 high school students take turns doing 3 laps around a track once an hour.

This year SEGA sought out RESPECT to help them direct the proceeds raised from the fundraiser to help educate refugees. The specific project selected was the Computers for Refugees project in Northern Uganda, which plans on establishing a computer resource center in the area that would be used by refugee students. The amount raised by the SEGA program is $725CDN.

Computer Aid International

Computer Aid International is the world's largest non-profit supplier of computers for developing countries.

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