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Children and today's wars

Children including adolescents are victims of today's wars; they have also become deliberate and active combatants. Ten thousand children are forced to flee their homes, abducted, killed, or die from preventable diseases. Many are years out of school. The experiences of being child soldiers, injuries, breakdown of community, and emotional and mental traumas all have long-term impacts.

While children are supposed to be protected by international law, in reality, they are not.

Children, a time of upheaval in even the most stable situation, is immeasurably more difficult in armed conflict without any support from the community. They are ignored by armed conflict; too often become soldiers and victims, losing opportunities to be students and develop leadership skills.

More information on children's current situation in Northern Uganda:

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Some of the names of the students who recently were abducted by the rebel from one of IDP school in Agoro:

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