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Future Plans

The Agoro community development Association has the following future plans:

  1. Promote Education Needs for IDPs Schools - This shall be done by providing the students with scholastic materials (e.g. Exercise books, text books) uniforms and fees for drop-out student, and renovating the IDPs classrooms or building new ones should the needs arise.
  2. Improve the Health Status of Children with Emphasis on Primary Health Care (PAC), Nutritional Status, Basic Health Care - this shall be done by deworming the school children, renovating or building health centres and training staff to train parents on nutrition and Basic Health Care (BKC).
  3. Promote Family Development - ACDA shall carry out this plan by initiating family income generation activities that will empower the parents and the drop-out students through the following means:
    1. Availability of soft loans
    2. Oxen and ploughs
    3. Agro-chemicals
    4. Higher quality seeds
    5. Tree planting
    6. Farming e.g. Pigs, Goats, Poultry, Fish and Bee keeping
  4. Build a Recreation centre/community hall for cultural activities and training.

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